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Entire Website deleted

I am very new to development. The developer that i worked with has deleted the entire content of my website. He does not have cpanel password, and godaddy password. However, he said he has some script using which he can still delete the content. When the website was made, he had access to cpanel, and godaddy account details. Maybe he has used it to reset the password. I am not sure. I want to restore the latest content that he has deleted, since my website now says FORBIDDEN. It is not opening. How can i do it and also remove that script or protect my website from this developer? Please help. It is very urgent.

When i asked godaddy team, they said i have to pay US$ 150 for the same. I have a hosting subscription of 2 years, and still this exorbitant amount? Why? please help me in the restoration


I too have simiar issue except my web developer does not have access to my site

I too have forgottne the password and does not know how to get in,

I have been trying to call Go-daddy for the past 3 months and till today I am always having customer service staff from the philippines who is after many repeats still yap more than can help

Ver poor customer service support .

I too do not know when then will I be able to go into my site, its a waste of time to go with Go Daddy. If possible DO NOT USE GO DADDY, YOUR MOENY WILL BE WASTED

thanks a lot for your reply. However, at this point I can't really leave godaddy. I need to have a solution here. Without the cpanel access, and godaddy password, i do not know how the developer erased the content. 

We had the same thing happen to us and Godaddy couldn't tell us how he got in to do it.   It's a flawed system and when deleting should require the ok to do so from the owner of the account not someone who's been given access to work on it.  We have lost everything and had to start again with a new developer. We were/are new and naive about the development world so had no idea how to control everything but have learnt a lot since. Good luck, hope you get it back some how.