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    Helper I

    What hosting organization ( MAC shop) do you like?

    Figure I would ask other users ( with possibly   the same goKitty predicament) their recommendation of  their preferred web hosting and email provider ?  What do you like  and why? Cost, feature, support, ease of support?  It will be maintained remotely in the USA.... for now a MAC shop.    i.e windoze not spoken here.. Small  sight, no on line ordering, or credit card processing,  2~4 email accounts ( for a MAC  OSX 10.11.6 client)  <10 GB, Media Press, or free way Jam or Adobe Persuasion or what ever for a creator






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    Here's what I typically use:
    I do like the new GoKitty (lol) web builder. It's lacking in features compared to the others I listed, and the cost is about the same.
    email problems aren't really Godaddy's fault. Many times it's your DNS Settings or the recipient's email server. I have been building email servers for years, and it's getting more difficult. Also services like Gmail and G Suite will reject mail if it's not encrypted properly.