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No help from GoDaddy support


I have been subjected to spam ads/malware attacks for three weeks now and cannot find anyone within GoDaddy’s “customer service” arena who seems to be capable of resolving what must be a very common issue with many, may websites.


I have probably made half a dozen calls on this and at least 2 chat sessions in the past 3 weeks, and that includes a week in which I was in the hospital with a heart attack and wasn’t able to communicate at all.


Today, after being involved for a chat for well over an hour, the customer service rep I was dealing simply terminated it without having done anything useful to help with the problem.


When I asked another customer service rep for a simple phone number or email address where I could file a complaint, she immediately referred me to GoDaddy’s legal department.


Look, I am not looking to sue someone. I am simply trying to get someone, ANYONE within GoDaddy’s “customer service” operation to give me some actual, real, productive customer service that will finally, at long last, address this very common issue that has been destroying my web traffic for 3 weeks now.


Assuming someone actually reads this, it would be really useful if you could provide me with a phone number or email address of an actual person who might be willing to at least make an effort to help a paying customer. 


Any input is appreciated.





Hi @EyesOfTX.


Welcome to the Community!

Were you able to get your issue resolved with GoDaddy Customer Support? The users in this Community forum have no access to GoDaddy's internal server testing tools or your specific hosting plan. Your best option is to contact the GoDaddy Customer Care team to review your options for malware removal. If you feel you're not getting the help you need, you're welcome to request a supervisor at any time.


It would be your responsibility to remove any malware on your account and ensure your files are managed. GoDaddy does offer an optional malware removal service for a fee, but if you choose not to use it you would need to remove any malware or work with your web developer to remove it and update your site. Unfortunately, malware gains access to your websites by compromises in the web applications and scripts used by the individual customer, not through an overall server defect. 


GoDaddy has opted for live, real-time support options instead of email support. They have phone support available at the numbers here: If calling isn't an option for you, please try the live chat available Monday-Friday from 5am-6pm Arizona time (MST) on the US/English home page.



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