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Kudos to John Bremner at Tier 2 Hosting Support

Would like to express extraordinary appreciation to John Bremner for exemplary technical and professional help resolving protracted technical issues for a migration from the old Linux server site since 2005 to cpanel.


This attempted migration lasted 3 weeks and involved at least 10 separate calls to migration support in an attempt to make the migrated site work -  as it had for 15 years on GoDaddy.  I was so frustrated I called GoDaddy today to cancel the migration and leave the site on the old, soon to be retired Linux servers. At least it worked.


John called up both the old site and the new cpanel migration, diagnosed several overlooked scripting errors involving the new PHP and other issues and, thanks to him, the site now works.


Have enjoyed working with GD technical support for 15 years in many ways.  John's extraordinary skill and professionalism stands out.  Thanks John.  


Hi @DeeSee,


Welcome to the Community!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience. And especially noting John's ability to diagnose and solve the issue for you. Migrations from the old platform can be tricky (running on newer, more reliable software, updated PHP) and we're glad his experienced eye could get you back online. We hope you'll enjoy the benefits of the new server, and appreciate you being with GoDaddy. We'll pass the word along and make his day as well.





TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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