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Fax by Email Phone Number Porting

I received an email today that the Fax by Email service was discontinuing as of 9/30/20. We've been promised that we would be able to port our numbers when that occurred. However, customer service has informed me that GoDaddy will NOT be porting our numbers. The new service I located says they can request to port the number. What is the real story? Will GoDaddy release and port my number or not?

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Hi @julie3848. Thanks for posting. As far as I know, porting these numbers out will not be possible. However, I am looking into it to find out for sure. I will let you know once I find something out. Sorry 🙁


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Jesse, Thank you for at least responding and looking into it further. I hope that GoDaddy makes good on their promise to allow porting of the number. I will keep my fingers crossed. Again, thank you for looking into it.


I spoke with 2 people at Go Daddy today and they said their development team is unable to port fax numbers and they will not be released in order for you to use it with another fax service.  Pretty sad they aren't able to port the numbers and this is a HUGE expense to our company of time and money to change to a new number!

This is completely unacceptable.  They have been telling us for the past year that they won't retire the service without permitting us to port out the number to another service provider. Now they pull this BS!  We've had the same fax number for the past decade. It is on all of our brochures, business cards, online listings, etc, etc.  WTF are you guys thinking to just eliminate a service without giving us the opportunity to retain our fax numbers? What's next, [removed] can our domains, email address, websites?  

I've filed a complaint with the fcc and recommend others do the same.  The carriers are required by law to release the numbers.  While godaddy may seem to think it's hard every other provider in the USA seems to be able to do it.

That was brilliant!  Thank you! We just filed our complaint with the FCC as well.  Hopefully this will force GoDaddy to wake up and comply with the law. We have been wanting to port out our fax number ever since GoDaddy started to provide intermittent/unreliable service a year ago and they always refused to permit it. Fingers crossed. 

Great suggestion, @User1302532 


the link is 




@julie3848 @Emsold @User1302532 @Jsaav1 I just wanted to update to let you know that I haven't forgotten about this thread. I will update as soon as I have more for you. Hopefully that will be sooner than later. 


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No, GoDaddy hasn't provided an accepted solution, even thought they think so. Thanks for replying Jesse, but finding an automatic charge appearing today for this "service" is really adding fuel to the fire. But you could let the superiors know that a number of complaints have been filed with the FCC. So don't close the issue just yet.

@julie3848 Not sure how my answer got marked as the solution, but I removed that flag. As for your renewal, I can understand how that would be a frustrating situation. If this was for an annual renewal, you should be able to get a refund once the service cancels, since it will be within 30 days. 


I have passed on the feedback regarding FCC complaints as well. 


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@JesseW Thank you Jesse, I really appreciate your concern and for staying in communication! It makes a difference.


I will be filing a compliant with the FCC also.  Fine if you can't port the number, at least release it so I can still use it.  However, I'm sure Go Daddy will launch a new fax product within a couple of months and want us to come back.  Go Daddy has lost my business for everything!  If I'm taking the time and money to change my fax I will change it all.  Unacceptable for Go Daddy to treat customers this way.  

this issue is super frustrating!!!  Why would you cancel the service if you are not able to port the numbers.  I have called and get nowhere with tech support and with all the brainpower at GoDaddy you would think that something could be done to make this happen or delay cancelling the service until you figure it out.  I have been very happy with GoDaddy up to this point but this is really disappointing.  Changing a fax number is a major pain in the rear. 

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@julie3848 @Jsaav1 @SSFTamie @Emsold @User1302532 


Thanks everyone for your patience while I looked into this situation further. We understand that this assigned number has been part of your business for some time. Unfortunately, after investigating all possible options, we will not be porting this number to another service. There were several factors that led to this decision, including privacy, security, and technical considerations.


To give some context, GoDaddy is not a local exchange carrier (LEC) in the current arrangement and is instead the customer of record. This means we don’t have the mechanisms in place to quickly and easily port assigned numbers. This is reflected in our Workspace Services Agreement, which states you do not own the assigned number and we are not obligated to move the assigned number to another provider.


We didn’t take this decision lightly and apologize for any inconvenience.


Also, we have an FAQ document set up if you’d like additional information. It’s possible that this document may be updated in the upcoming weeks. You can find that here.


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Several people were following the thread that was closed. Did anyone else receive two emails today offering GoDaddy to now port the number?